Integrating CRM with your website forms


What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.  CRM system allows businesses to manage business relationships and the data and information associated with them. With CRM, you can store customer and prospect contact information, accounts, leads and sales opportunities in one central location, ideally in the cloud so the information is accessible by many, in real time. A CRM system can serve as a vital nerve center to manage the many connections that happen in a growing business. Today it almost relates to an entire business strategy. So while the term refers to a systematic approach to handling customer relationships,it also includes a holistic approach to business strategy. Implementing the right CRM system can increase sales efficiency —you can close more deals, increase sales and improve forecast accuracy

CRM as a strategic marketing tool

Any business starts out with a foundation of great customer relationships. Sellers connect with people who need a product. Yet, as a company grows, these business connections grow more sophisticated. There comes the need to manage a myriad of connections, across time, within each company. Information need to be shared across various teams within an organization. For small businesses, a CRM system may simply help to put data in the cloud, making it accessible in real time, across any device. But as a business grow, a CRM can quickly expand to include more sophisticated features to help teams collaborate with colleagues and customers, send customized emails, gather insights from social media conversations, and get a holistic picture of the business health in real time.

Zoho CRM – Video Presentation

This webinar is a quick guide to Zoho CRM which presents Zoho CRM navigation through UI and its system basic features.

Features of Zoho CRM

    • Multichannel (e-mail, phone, live chat, social media)
    • Sales performance – Access to key performance indicators (KPI’s) insights
    • Sales Productivity– Advanced sales force automation, follow-up reminders & custom reports
    • Extend/Customize – through custom apps & modules
    • Automation – through workflows and macros
    • On the go – instant access to customer info and sales activities on your iPad, iPhone, and Android devices
    • Enterprise readiness  a set of practices, technologies and policies are set to keep data secure

CRM Integration by Webtrails

At Webtrails we can implement the integration of your CRM with your website. As in our project for Energycert company, we developed a procedure through which automatically data are stored from website’s contact form to Zoho CRM system, thus improving Energycerts efficiency.

Case Study: Energycert Project

Energycert - Zoho integration More on Project Energycert: Project Energycert

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